1) Download Medsender. 2) Sign-in. 3) Send health records digitally anywhere.  It's really that simple. 

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What is Medsender?

Medsender is a complete platform and user interface that allows hospitals and staff to instantly share and access patient records digitally from any EMR system, without any custom integration needed. Medsender sets up in a minute and allows records to be sent to any Doctor, hospital, or email with the click of a button; all while being fully HIPAA compliant and secure. Unlike many other offerings from other companies, Medsender is not just an API for developers and engineers to access, rather, it is a simple, user friendly system.

Does the recipient also need to be a Medsender subscriber?

Nope! Medsender is designed to help get patient data wherever it needs to be, whenever it needs to be there, regardless of whether or not the sender and recipient both have Medsender.

What can I store and transfer with Medsender?

Store and share entire (or portions of) patient charts from any EMR system, medical images, prescriptions, exchange instant messages with providers and patients and more!

Is Medsender compatible with my EMR system? How long will integration and setup take?

Yes! Medsender is designed to work with any EMR system on the market, you can download it and have it setup in less than a minute!

Do I have to switch my current EMR to Medsender?

Nope! Keep your existing system in place, Medsender is a small piece of software that runs on top of your existing system so you don't have to waste precious time migrating patient data and learning how to use a new system.

Is this HIPAA compliant? What about security? I Bet you guys didn't think about security!

Yes, Medsender is fully HIPAA compliant! Security is our top priority, we use industry standard security and encryption measures to keep private information safe.

My EMR company offers an interoperability solution that requires me to pay extra for every facility we connect to, or they charge per record sent and recieved. Is that how Medsender works?

Absolutely not! Medsender allows for unlimited exchange of information betweeen any facility or Doctor!

I'm a patient, how can Medsender help me?

Medsender gives you instant, digital access to all your health records from any hospital or doctor. Notice anything missing? Simply type in the name of your doctor and we'll get your records pronto at no charge to you! You can also view your prescription information, text your doctor and more!

We're a hospital, how can sharing health records help us?

Medsender helps you do what's right for your patients: provide effective and efficient care. By sharing health records with the patient's primary care or regular care provider, you can help prevent costly readmissions while also avoiding costly repeat imaging procedures and improving patient quality of care by nearly 90%, as reported by physicians. Not to mention, having a detailed access log can help you identify and prevent misuse of health records before a problem begins.

I'm an Emergency Room Physician, how can Medsender help me in emergency situations?

Every second counts, instead of running unnecessary tests and playing guesswork with medications, use Medsender. Whether the patient is coming from across the street or across the country, get instant access to patient health information such as allergies, medication history, images, and more within seconds. Instead of flipping through hundreds of pages or screens, Medsender automatically summarizes the most pertinent information onto a single page.

This sounds amazing, How can my hospital start using Medsender?

please email us at info@medsender.com to discuss potential opportunities

I'd like to help Medsender save lives and create a healthier world, how can I get involved?

Thanks for your interest! You can email us at people@medsender.com and we can discuss potential opportunities to work together. Please include your LinkedIn profile or a resume. You can also click here to view the latest available opportunities.