1) Download Medsender.  2) Send health records digitally anywhere.  3) Track when each record was viewed and revoke access anytime, 

 It's really that simple. Still have questions? Click on any question below to view more information. 

What is Medsender?

Medsender replaces medical record faxing and e-faxing with a digital, searchable record that can be opened on any computer. Senders can see when a record was viewed, who it was shared with, and have the power to revoke access to records sent at any time.

Does the recipient also need to be a Medsender subscriber?

No. Medsender is designed to help get clinical data wherever it needs to be, whenever it needs to be there, regardless of whether or not the sender and recipient both have Medsender. To view a medical record using Medsender, no download or signup is needed, all you need is a web browser.

What can I store and transfer with Medsender?

Store and share entire (or portions of) patient charts from any EMR system, medical images, prescriptions, and naything else that you currently fax or e-fax.

Is Medsender compatible with my EMR system? How long will integration and setup take?

Yes! Medsender is designed to work with any EMR system on the market, you can download it and have it setup in less than a minute!

Do I have to switch my current EMR to Medsender?

Nope! Keep your existing system in place, Medsender is a small piece of software that runs on top of your existing system so you don't have to waste time migrating patient data and learning how to use a new system.

Is this HIPAA compliant? What about security?

Yes, Medsender is fully HIPAA compliant. Security is our top priority, we use industry standard security and encryption measures to keep private information safe. For detailed security and HIPAA policy documentation, please contact us.

How is this different than sending a record using my EMR's digital exchange?

With Medsender, it doesn't matter who the recipient is or which system they use, we guarantee digital delivery to anyone within 60 seconds.

We're a hospital, how can sharing health records with Medsender help us?

Avoid failed record deliveries, track where records go and patient activity, and revoke access to records even after they have been sent- all things that are never possible when faxing records.

Replacing faxing sounds great, How can my hospital or clinic start using Medsender?

Please email us at info@medsender.com or give us a call at (347) 966-4439.