E-fax is dead.

Medsender is leading the fax-free revolution.

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Send to Anyone

60 second delivery, even if they don't have Medsender.

Track who views, downloads, and prints the record.

No faxing. No mailing. No downloads, passwords or accounts for your recipients.

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Receive from Anywhere

Medsender ensures you never have a busy fax signal, which means you never miss an incoming referral.

Records are available within seconds on your computer, fully searchable and copy-pastable: Which means no more data entry errors.

No software, no accounts, and no workflow change for those who send to you.



Grant Patient Access

Send PHI to any patient with the click of a button.

No portal signup forms. No passwords to remember. No more mailing.

Refreshingly simple yet HIPAA compliant experience.

You won't even have to call Jim from IT.

Medsender is plug-and-play compatible with any EMR system. Yes, you read that right.

Absolutely no IT setup needed. Configure in 60 seconds or less.


Join the hundreds of hospitals and clinics that trust Medsender


FOR Hospitals

Reduce readmissions and never deal with faxing ever again.

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All your health records in one place, shareable with the click of a button. Get access to Medsender from your hospital or Doctor.

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