The world's best way to share and view medical records. Period.

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Track Record Views

Always know who's viewing the medical records you shared and when.

Gain insight into which Doctors your patients are visiting. Be notified when payors are reviewing your patient's chart.


No More Busy Lines or Paper Jams

Just select the recipient and we'll deliver the record to them in under a minute, no matter who they are.

All they need is a computer. That's it.


Fully Searchable Records

Medsender replaces faxes and e-faxes with a fully searchable, automatically categorized beautiful medical record.

Viewers find what they need within seconds, no more scrolling through dozens of pages.

Revoke Access Anytime

Accidentally sent the record to the wrong number?

With Medsender, you can revoke access to medical records at any time, even after the record has already been delivered. 

All you have to do is click the red revoke button. That's it.


You won't even have to call Jim from IT.

Medsender is plug-and-play compatible with any EMR system. Yes, you read that right. Absolutely no IT setup needed.


Join the hundreds of hospitals and clinics that trust Medsender


FOR Hospitals

Reduce readmissions and never deal with faxing ever again.

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All your health records in one place, shareable with the click of a button. Get access to Medsender from your hospital or Doctor.

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