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One-click HIPAA compliant sharing straight from your EMR configured in under a minute.



Close to 54% of referrals don’t lead to an appointment! Why? Because of fax. Busy lines are still a thing. With Medsender, they never are. Receive referrals instantly, maximize revenue, and increase patient satisfaction.



Sending, receiving, and following up on claims is a pain. Did they receive the documents? Are claims missing a cover sheet and full of blank pages? Medsender sends and tracks the status of all claims so you always know when a document has been received.

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It doesn’t have to be this painful: release forms, faxes, back and forth phone calls. Say no more! With Medsender, share PHI with patients, pharmacies, providers, and anyone else with utmost ease. 100% HIPAA compliant, no faxing required.

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"With Medsender, we’ve been able to replace all medical record faxing for the first time in history"


Manager, Medical Records Department at Ellenville Regional Hospital

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"With Medsender, medical record sharing is just the beginning. We’re really excited about deploying Medsender in even more departments to help our staff take advantage of Medsender’s incredible search and categorization functionality,"


FACHE, CEO of Ellenville Regional Hospital

"This is amazing, revolutionary, I’m a huge fan of this (Medsender), everyone needs to use this"

ED Medical director

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"Medsender is THE answer to our healthcare system’s medical record transfer problem (...)"


Physician @ UCSF Medical Center

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