Position: Windows Development Engineer

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY or NY, NY. 

Hours: Flexible

Interested applicants are invited to apply by emailing people@medsender.com with a resume and / or a link to their Linkedin profile. 

Job Description

Be at the heart of healthcare revolution. Join Medsender in connecting doctors, hospitals, and patients in unprecedented ways to not only make healthcare more accessible but letting doctors do more of what they do best: save lives. This position will allow you to work on the brains of a core Medsender function; your work will have an immediate, powerful impact on not only our company but to the lives and well-being of patients as well.

Skills required

 .NET, C/C++, Problem Solving, MEAN.JS

Optional skills

Python / Django

Other requirements

You should be able to furnish us with a portfolio of previous work and will submit clean, efficient, well documented code samples demonstrating best practices. Your previous work should include experience developing and/or modifying and interfacing with Windows drivers. Ideally, you will have backend development experience for both the web and Windows applications. Relevant education or experience required.

Grow with Medsender. This position offers rapid growth and promotion potential. You could soon, potentially, be leading an entire team of engineers depending on performance and demonstrated leadership abilities. We look forward to reviewing your application and saving lives together through beautiful, intuitive systems.



Medsender enables Doctors to digitally send and receive health records from ANY EMR system. Individual practitioners can have Medsender setup within 2 minutes and instantly begin HIPAA compliant communications. Medsender lets you keep your current EMR system in place, no need for a costly, time consuming switch to a new system. With 200,000 people dying every year in the U.S. alone due to health records not getting where they need to be on time, Medsender is positioned to be a life-saving tool that will save countless lives.