“With Medsender, medical record sharing is just the beginning. We’re really excited about deploying Medsender in even more departments to help our staff take advantage of Medsender’s incredible search and categorization functionality,”
— Steven L. Kelley, FACHE, CEO of Ellenville Regional Hospital

History In the Making.

Hospitals that use Medsender are able to end 100% of medical record faxing


The Medsender Guarantee

Everyone talks about interoperability, but only Medsender replaces 100% of all faxing. If you're still faxing medical records after getting Medsender, we won't bill you. It's that simple.  

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No More Busy Signals, No More Flipping Pages

Medsender delivers most medical records in less than 1 minute. Put an end to hunting through dozens of pages, Medsender sorts and highlights the most important information for you. 


Sophisticated Auditing and Access logs

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Faxing? E-faxing? Printing? That means you have no clue what happens to the medical records after you hit send.

With Medsender, view detailed access logs and retroactively revoke access at any time.

Follow up on insurance claims and Patient visits exactly at the time records are being reviewed.


True "Plug and Play" Setup

Your IT team will love us.

Medsender installs in less than 60 seconds with any EMR, with many installations taking less than 10 seconds. Just click the install button and you'll be good to go. That's it.

 Recipients don't need any software or account signup to view records instantly.


Stop Faxing, start Medsending

Send us your BAA and take Medsender for a spin for 14 days- on us. Call us at (347) 966-4439 and we'll get you set up. 

Seriously, stop faxing, it's 2018.