“This is amazing, revolutionary, I’m a huge fan of this (Medsender), everyone needs to use this”
— ED Medical director

Inadequate access to health records makes providing effective healthcare difficult for physicians, often at the expense of the patient's well-being, costing hospitals millions of dollars every year in avoidable readmissions, repeat imaging, and labs. 


Reduce overhead and improve outcomes while reducing costs with medsender


Put Your Resources to Better Use

Clinical studies show providers at hospitals save an average of 120.8 minutes per patient encounter when health records can be exchanged and accessed digitally. Typically, provider record requests often go hours or days without being fulfilled, requiring frequent follow-ups and intervention. Medsender removes this entire hassle, taking care of the process once a record request is sent through the Medsender platform.  

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Minimize Penalties, Maximize Quality of Care

Studies show that digital record exchange in hospital Emergency Departments can reduce readmissions by 30% and reduce repeat imaging by 64%, which often cost hospitals millions of dollars every year. Better yet, physicians report quality of care improvements of 86% when records can be accessed digitally. 


Sophisticated Auditing and Access logs

Manual record transfer methods such as fax often create a gaping hole in a hospital's ability to grasp exactly who has accessed a record, when that record was accessed, and why it was accessed. This can present a major liability that some hospitals may be unaware of.

With Medsender, you can rest assured that records will never fall in the wrong hands and keep them away from prying eyes, ensuring full compliance with privacy regulations. All record access events are logged, in detail, and accessible to any hospital admin at anytime with the click of a button.

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True "Plug and Play" Setup

Your IT team will love us, too.

Medsender is not a per-system digital bridge. Our software allows you to share health records with anyone, regardless of which EMR system they are using. Recipients don't need to download any software, either.. No custom integration needed means you'll be up and running within seconds, regardless of which EMR system you have. 


Looks Great on all Devices, right out of the box

Whether your hospital deploys tablets or your on-call physicians need to take a look at health records on-the-go on their smartphone, Medsender works just as well on mobile as it does on desktop computers.