Ask your doctor about Medsender today


Medical records right where they need to be, without you having to lift a finger.

When your doctor uses Medsender, your medical records get where they need to be- instantly, 

Medsender for Doctors is already available today and being used daily.

 Still looking for more control over your records? Our patient app is coming soon. But in the meantime, you can still get all the benefits of Medsender by asking your doctor to use Medsender.


All Your Info, Always With You

Medsender gives you unlimited, instantaneous access to all of your health records, no matter where you are. Critical information is only a swipe away.

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Share Effortlessly

Sharing your records with another doctor has never been easier. Share records from your phone or computer with any Doctor.

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Privacy is Our Policy

The Medsender app contains security features to ensure that your health records remain under your control. Share when you want, protect when you don't.

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In Case of Emergency

In an emergency situation, access to your health records can be granted instantly. Medsender saves precious time and provides Doctors with critical information, which can save your life.

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Ask Your Doctor to Use Medsender

Just ask them to put your medical record onto Medsender.