Health record storage should be simple. After all, your record contains vital information about everything from past diagnoses to allergies. You shouldn't have to worry about remembering your credentials for different medical portals from each provider. Even if you have a paper copy of your records, storing, retrieving, and updating is inconvenient and time-consuming. With Medsender, all of your health records are kept in one place—your pocket. 


it's your health. be in control with medsender.


All Your Info, Always With You

Medsender gives you unlimited, instantaneous access to all of your health records, no matter where you are. Critical information is only a swipe away.

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Share Effortlessly

Sharing your records with another doctor has never been easier. Send them directly through the app without any hassle.

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Privacy is Our Policy

The Medsender app contains security features to ensure that your health records remain under your control. Share when you want, protect when you don't.

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In Case of Emergency

In an emergency situation, access to your health records can be granted instantly. Medsender saves precious time and provides Doctors with critical information, which can save your life.

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Get Inspired

By downloading Medsender, you'll provide yourself with unprecedented access to your health records. It just may be a starting point for living a happier, healthier life.

You can request access to Medsender by asking your hospital or Doctor.