Medsender is a complete platform and user interface that allows hospitals and staff to instantly share and access patient records digitally from any EMR system, and allows records to be sent to any Doctor, hospital, or email with the click of a button; all while being fully
HIPAA compliant and secure.


Send and Access records with a click

1) Import and synchronize any record into Medsender, without any custom integration,

2) Automatically summarize the most pertinent information into a single page,

3) And send the record to any recipient, regardless of delivery method,

All instantly with the click of a button. Medsender combines 3 powerful technologies into 1 powerful, cohesive and easy to use platform. 

Medsender Graph.png

Share and receive entire Patient Charts

As a Medsender subscriber, your hospital is not only able to send patient records to any recipient with the click of a button, but you can also look up records for any patient in the Medsender system. See something missing? Simply place a record request through Medsender and the platform takes care of the rest, ensuring quick and accurate record delivery. No more hassles of never ending phone, fax and mail games.


Security, Privacy, Safety

Medsender takes privacy and security extremely seriously. Patients and admins can always see when and who accessed a health record with advanced and easy to use audit logs. As per HHS guidelines, Medsender implements TLS encryption and is deployed to a HIPAA compliant cloud infrastructure with industry standard firewalls and security.

 Private information will remain private—it's that simple.


Scalable to any platform of any size

Medsender works great on desktops but works just as well on tablets and phones with a full, rich mobile feature set. 


Medsender is plug-and-play compatible with any EMR system. Yes, you read that right.


Experience true digital record accessibility with



FOR Hospitals

Reduce readmissions and never deal with faxing ever again.

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All your health records in one place, shareable with the click of a button. Get access to Medsender from your hospital or Doctor.

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