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Then welcome to Medsender!

This means a Hospital near you has switched to Medsender for sharing digital medical records. Learn more below.

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No More Paper records


Soon, you'll have instant, digital access to medical records from the hospital using Medsender, at no charge to you.

Already viewing your faxes electronically?

Not to worry, Medsender isn't just an e-fax system. Medsender turns medical record faxes into fully searchable and categorized medical records, so you won't have to endlessly scroll or flip through pages looking for the information you need.
Find what you need in seconds with Medsender, so you can get back to focusing on your patient.

Secure access with no account or setup needed


You'll be able to view digital medical records more securely than ever before- and no more worrying about paper medical records falling into the wrong hands.
All without any software integration, setup, or account signup.
Simply follow the directions on the instructional fax you'll receive from the hospital for instant access to the medical records.

All you need is a modern, secure web browser.
For the best experience, Medsender recommends the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser.

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