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MedsenderPaper FaxingElectronic FaxingMailing
Send a fax with 1-click straight from any EMR or computerSometimes
Send HIPAA compliant email with 1-click from any EMR or computer
Revoke record access at anytime✓ With 1 click
Full color, full resolution instant transmissions
Never lose referrals to paper jams or busy linesTransmissions often failTransmissions often failMail often mis-delivered
Search records by any keyword✓ Auto-categorized recordsUsually not
No software or account signup needed for recipient
Implementation time5 minutesN/AN/A
CompatibilityWorks with any EMRN/AN/AN/A
SecurityMost secureLeast secureLeast secureLeast secure
Eliminates 100% of your record faxing and mailingGuaranteed
Unlimited pages per record/unlimited cloud storage

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